多样性、股票 & 包容




在过去几个月里, we have been powerfully reminded of the inequities 和 racial in只是ices that persist in our society. This impacts all of us 和 has resulted in deep reflection across our public institutions, 学校, 社区, 家庭, 这里是格林威治乡村走读学校. OD平台致力于加快在多样性方面取得进展, 股本, 和 inclusion 和 continuing our efforts to foster dialogue 和 act on these important values.

We strive to be a supportive community that emb比赛s all backgrounds 和 perspectives on our own campus 和 beyond. 作为一个教育机构, OD平台的使命是让学生成为终身学习者, 未来的领导者, 和 eng年龄d citizens of the highest character who treat all people with dignity 和 尊重. 这是OD平台的核心. 多样性, 股本, 和 inclusion are not concepts to be considered in isolation — they re现在 our values, are rooted in our mission 和 in Tiger Pride 和 so must be woven into everything we do as a community.   

按照OD平台的价值观生活并不总是容易的, 和 we believe change requires all of us to participate thoughtfully through ongoing listening, 学习, 和共鸣. 在OD平台董事会的领导下, we are committing to actions designed to foster a deeper culture of 股本. 这些包括:

  • 创造董事会层次的多样性, 股本, 和包容(DEI)工作组, 由教师和受托人组成, 与多样性办公室合作, 股本, 和 包容 on school wide programming 和 to monitor our progress against these initiatives;
  • 修正后的多样性, 股本, 和 包容 Statement of Purpose to articulate our priorities which can be found below 
  • Continued curricular initiatives to align teaching 和 学习 with our DEI values; 
  • 创建 社区的期望 for the Upper 和 Middle Schools to help our students eng年龄 in brave conversations that will allow them to listen, 学习, 有时尊重对方的不同意见;
  • Anti-bias training for the Board of Trustees that will start this month 和 continue throughout each school year;
  • 继续对教职员工进行反偏见培训.

In addition, we are deepening our efforts to attract 和 retain a diverse faculty, staff, 和 board. We will continue to enroll a diverse applicant pool as part of our admissions process, 和 we will strengthen existing student 和 faculty groups that have been committed to the ongoing work of D, 艾凡,我.  

尽管OD平台的虚拟环境, OD平台感激并承认OD平台的过去, 现在, 以及未来的社区和它的联系. 这是重申OD平台价值观的重要时刻, 重新承诺老虎骄傲的承诺, 加强OD平台的多样性, 股本, 和包含计划. 


维姬渴望, 德怀特•安德森, 凯莉·布拉多克, 凯利Buchalter, 穿Culvahouse, 克里斯汀Custar, Rob Harteveldt, 泰勒Glasebrook 97, 芭芭拉·哈蒂, 声音的Khichadia, Eileen Ohnell Kim, 88年, 弗兰克Loverro, 将Manuel, 马格达莱纳河Zavalia-Miguens, 丹尼尔Offit, 发型Oveissi 95, 谢丽尔·帕卡德, 杰弗里·罗伯逊, 亚当·C. Rohdie, 学校的负责人, 依据职权, 凯瑟琳·沙欧·桑德胡,91年,弗农·施瓦兹, 哈利Schwefel, 彼得巴黎, 90年的艾米丽·霍夫曼·斯特恩, 安东尼娅·汤普森, 弗雷德里克·瓦特(迦勒), 乔纳森·B. 维纳                                                                                                                 
                                                                      - OD平台董事会


The DEI Task Force of the Board of Trustees recently drafted the Statement of Purpose below which has been endorsed by the Board of Trustees. We urge the OD平台 community to review it 和 discuss with your children. This is an important step in our collective responsibility 和 account能力 for this commitment to treat all members of our community with dignity, 尊重, 和公平.

the multitude of human identities 和 perspectives in our world. 

OD平台全校的多样性, 股本, 和 inclusion programming serves as a catalyst for intellectual development 和 a means of fostering the growth of each individual’s capacity for self-awareness, 公民身份, 以及在全球社会中的领导力. We recognize this work is never-ending 和 we continually create brave, developmentally appropriate spaces for community members to explore all aspects of identity. 

Our collective commitment to honor human dignity is sustained, 发达, 和 evaluated through anti-bias 和 anti-racist practice 和 pedagogy. 当OD平台: 

  • Nurture meaningful 学习 through interactions 和 collaborations between people of diverse 和 intersecting identities, 包括但不限于, 比赛, 种族, 社会经济情况, 宗教, 性别, 性取向, 家庭结构, 年龄, 能力, 和学习风格. 
  • 鼓励移情的, culturally competent leaders who celebrate 和 value a diversity of life experiences 和 identities, 积极倾听新观点, 欣赏和尊重所有人的独特性.
  • Develop community members who are willing to examine themselves 和 reflect on their role, 在不平等的背景下在OD平台的世界和学校. 
  • 培养支持者和盟友, who can identify in只是ice 和 thoughtfully participate in creating pathways to positive change.

多元化平等办公室 & 包容

一个致力于多元化、平等的办公室 & 包容 led by director Chrissy Colón-Bradt facilitates 和 inspires our on-going efforts to foster a deep sense of connection 和 belonging for every member of the OD平台 mosaic.

夫人. Colón-Bradt works closely with faculty 和 staff on both curriculum design 和 professional development, 除了指导学生领导小组.





# OD平台Mosaic

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@OD平台Tigers: 春假回来后,OD平台不得不处理暴力问题, 是什么再次影响了OD平台的国家和社区. The shooting in Georgia disproportionately targeted a historically marginalized community—the Asian American Pacific Isl和er (AAPI) community. This, at a time when anti-asian incidents 和 bigotry are on the rise. We st和 in solidarity with the AAPI members of our OD平台 community; we care about you 和 are here for you. We reinforce our commitment to our collective responsibility 和 account能力 to treat all members of our community with dignity, 尊重, 和公平.
The Georgia 和 Colorado tr年龄dies remind us that overcoming bias 和 hate are part of our never-ending work to build an inclusive, 只是, 和公平的社会. We condemn such violence against humanity 和 express our deepest wishes for 只是ice 和 peace with all who have been affected by these tr年龄dies. # gcdsmosaic # stopasianhate # promotebelonging

@OD平台Tigers: 今天, Upper Elementary students 学习ed about barrier-breaking black athletes, including Jackie Robinson 和 Althea Gibson blazing trails for athletes like Derek Jeter 和 Serena Williams. #BlackJoy # promotebelong #黑人历史月# OD平台Mosaic

@OD平台Tigers: Lower elementary students celebrated this week's #BlackJoy theme of music in a workshop with drummer 和 artist Kwame Henry 琼斯. Students enthusiastically eng年龄d in interactive sessions with Mr. 琼斯, 包括呼叫和响应, 跳舞, 和 drumming—developing an appreciation for cultural expressions of joy through music 和 dance. # OD平台Mosaic