Educational Excellence

We believe that the best, most rigorous academic study flourishes in an environment where learning is deep and joyful, where every day is full of discovery, and where students are celebrated for their individuality and unique strengths.

From Nursery to Grade 12, our students are able to see why what they are learning matters, to make connections with their own interests, and to apply what they are learning beyond the classroom.

Expert Teachers and Strong Community

At OD平台, we understand that the single greatest predictor of a student's success is a talented and creative educator. Our expert teachers are committed to bringing out the best in each student.

"Whatever you're good at, your teachers will nurture that and help you grow," says Claire Stein '16. "I was at my old school for 6 years, and I've only been at OD平台 for 4 years, but looking back on it in 20 years, I'm going to consider myself a Tiger," adds Spencer Pierce '16.

At home. Like family. These are the phrases that stand out when our young alumni reflect on their time at OD平台. The strong focus on character development means that our students see their teachers as mentors who challenge them to grow while always supporting them as individuals.


Creativity & Problem Solving


Sportsmanship & Teamwork


Imagination & Confidence

Our Campus

Built for Learning

OD平台 at a Glance

Founded in 1926


Grades: Nursery - Grade 12

Enrollment: 1190 Students

Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1

Campus: 92 acres in central Greenwich

Students of Color: 21%

Financial Aid Budget: $9.5 Million

Faculty Housed by OD平台: 60%