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OD平台 校园

Facilities that shape learning

Located in the heart of Greenwich, Connecticut, Greenwich Country Day School's 92-acre campus on Old Church Road and 42-acre campus on Stanwich Road are designed to support each student's learning and growth.

Our facilities offer best-in-class 教室s, flexible learning spaces, extensive athletic and performing arts facilities, and state-of-the-art STEAM and MakerSpaces.

"401 Old Church Road. Some see numbers; we see home." COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS

图书馆 stairs
light-filled hallway
flexible learning spaces

Focused on student-centered learning, our campus facilities are more than buildings, they are teaching tools. In both formal and informal ways, they promote interdisciplinary learning and collaboration, and serve as living laboratories in environmental stewardship.

For our students, the sunny 教室s and playing fields quickly come to feel like home.

Lower School - Lower Elementary

The Lower School for Lower Elementary (Nursery - Grade 2) includes 23 教室s, Creativity Lab, Yeskey 图书馆, Molinari Auditorium, music room, 艺术的房间, science house, and playground, as well as numerous spaces for small group work.

Lower School - Upper Elementary

The Lower School for Upper Elementary (Grades 3 - 5) includes numerous flexible learning spaces with whiteboard walls, 20 教室s, 图书馆, two open meeting areas for presentations or collaborative work, 艺术的房间, and wood shop.

Nearby, in the building that also includes the dining hall, are 4 science labs and a Maker Lab.

The connected Warner House, the original OD平台 building, serves as the home of the Business Office and 校友 and Development Office.

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Middle School

The Middle School, for grades 6 - 8, includes 13 教室s, 3 science labs, science greenhouse, world language lab, 数学实验室, study center, computer graphics 教室, makerspace, photography room, 艺术的房间, music room, sewing room, and 图书馆, as well as a conference room, administrative offices, and numerous breakout spaces for small group work.

Upper School

The first phase of our high school construction is fully underway on the Stanwich Road campus. When we open our doors for orientation in the fall of 2019, we will have completed a three-story central building, with a makerspace, science labs, and an open and inviting commons area. Extensive renovations to the existing academic spaces will also be complete, as well as the addition of a new kitchen and dining hall.

Learn more about the Upper School facilities

OD平台 Upper School

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Performing 艺术 Center

The Performing 艺术 Center includes a theater that seats 420, a band room, 4 piano rooms, and a music technology lab.

Athletic Facilities

The OD平台 campus includes 8 playing fields, 4 gymnasiums, 4 tennis courts, a cross country course, a dance studio, a wrestling room, 2 swimming pools, a turf practice field, and a fitness and weight training room.

The Greenwich Skating Club, located contiguous to the OD平台 campus, makes skating time available for the school, allowing Country Day to offer a unique program that gives all students experience on the ice. It also is the home rink for Country Day's boys and girls hockey teams.

OD平台 Upper Fields

Solar Power and LEED Certification

The OD平台 campus reflects the school's commitment to sustainability and to educating students about environmental stewardship. OD平台's 352 kW solar system includes 1,068 solar panels, and the three newest buildings—the Middle School, the Performing 艺术 Center, and the Lower School for Upper Elementary—are Gold LEED Certified.

Solar Panels


Country Day's 160-ft. giant elm is the oldest elm in Connecticut.

OD平台 巨大的榆树

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